2021-06-18 :: 1 min to read
§ Complex checks for a specific path for a ServerHttpSecurity


Imagine you have a JWT token, which was successfully parsed, brought some authorities and now you have to check them in some non-trivial way.

Everyone knows .hasAuthority, .hasRole authorize exchange specifications, however .access is not that popular. How to use it?


You have some complex object as a principal - carefully parsed separately, and you need to check some properties of that principal along with authorities.

 .pathMatchers(HttpMethod.GET, "/{id}/item")
        .access((authentication, ctx) -> Mono
                            .map(auth -> auth.getAuthorities().stream().anyMatch(e -> e.getAuthority().equals("SCOPE_read:item"))),
                            .map(principal -> principal.id().equals(ctx.getVariables().get("id"))),
                        (scope, variable) -> scope && variable

What happens here?

First, we have to provide an implementation of ReactiveAuthorizationManager<AuthorizationContext> interface, with just one method to implement:

Mono<AuthorizationDecision> check(Mono<Authentication> authentication, AuthorizationContext ctx)

Since it's just one method - in the example that represented by a lambda.

Next, zipping together authority check with a principal check. Result of the zip (combined with logical AND) would be then converted to an AuthorizationDecision. Pay attention to how request context allows us to grab a path variable {id} value via ctx.getVariables().

That's it! Functional way to write a complicated precondition.